Pool Pavers

So you might be asking yourself, are pool pavers a specific line of pavers or can any paver be a pool paver? We would say, that is an excellent question. While any paver can essentially be used for pool pavers, some are more suitable – especially if you have a salt water pool.

Pavers are made from three basic materials: concrete, brick and stone. Pavers are an excellent material to use in areas that see a lot of water – primarily pool areas. Each of the three primary elements of the material are entirely sustainable and are able to withstand the gradual wear and effects of water. However, if you have a pool that contains salt water, special types of pavers are recommended because salt can have a negative impact on materials if they are not suited for them.

Pavers are known for being able to withstand a high amount of wear and tear, in addition to their durability, they are naturally slip resistant. The texture of each paver is slightly abrasive which provides an excellent surface to walk upon – even when wet.

When you look at a beautiful paver pool deck, the last thing that most likely enters your mind is that paver pool decks are affordable. Because pavers are held in place with a special type of sand, they simply will not crack because they are allowed to shift with movement or pressure. Essentially, paver pool decks don’t cost that much more than traditionally concrete. But because the pavers won’t crack, they are drastically cheaper because chances are that you will never have to replace the pavers – ever. Consider the streets of Europe – many of those are paver streets and have been there for centuries.

In addition to their durability and sustainability pavers come in more colors and textures than you could ever image. If you want your pavers to be more natural looking and blend in with your landscape there are plenty to choose from. The same applies if you want your pavers to pop and make a statement. If you have any questions about pool pavers, we encourage you to give us a call. We would be more than happy to talk to you about your outdoor space and explore if pavers could be the right fit for you.